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Boat Rentals

Pontoon • Center Console • Deck
Experience the ultimate day on the water, free from all the hassles and worries, allowing you to relax and fully savor every moment.
Hudson FL - Center Console Boat Rental

Center Console Boats

Hudson FL - Pontoon Boat Rental

Pontoon Boats

Hudson FL - Deck Boat Rental

Deck Boats

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1

Book Your Boat

Choose your boat type and date on our reservation website.

Step 2


Show up at your scheduled time and check in with the office.

Step 3

Gear Up

Load the boat with your day’s gear and supplies.
Step 4

Set Sail!

Embark and enjoy your fantastic day out on the water!
Step 5

Return On Time

Ensure you return the boat within our specified time frame.
Step 6

Fuel Payment

Pay for the gas and oil used during your outing and unload the boat.

What’s Included:

Our boats are equipped with the necessary equipment to get you out on the water, make your day enjoyable and then get you back at the end of the day.
  • VHF Radio
    Stay connected and informed with a VHF radio onboard.
  • Depth Sounder/Fish Finder
    Explore the depths and discover the catch of the day.
  • Compass
    Navigate confidently with a built-in compass.
  • Bimini or T-Top
    Seek shelter from the sun under a protective canopy.
  • Coast Guard Safety Equipment
    Cruise with confidence, equipped with Coast Guard-approved safety gear.

Rental Rates:

Rental rates are dependent on the size and type of boat you rent and do not include gasoline/oil used or any damage you may incur. Check our rates and availability.

Local Sights

Renting a boat opens up the opportunity to explore and take in the beauty of the local sights from a unique and picturesque perspective.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals visit the Silt Houses

Silt Houses

7 miles Away
A unique piece of Florida history, accessed only via boat or kayak. Explore these old fish camps.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals visit the Durney Key

Durney Key

8 miles Away
Enjoy a day of beach combing, exploring tidal pools, or just relaxing on the beach of an unclaimed island.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals visit Cotee River

Cotee River

8 miles Away
Originating near Crews Lake, the river flows for over 23 miles through the Starkey Wilderness Park.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals

Local Restaurants

10 miles Away
Dock for a meal at Catches Waterfront Grille or Rum River Restaurant.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals Pasco COunty Reefs

Pasco County Reefs

12 miles Away
Explore, dive or fish at Pasco County Reef 1, 2 or 4.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals Anclote Island

Anclote Island

12 miles Away

A strand of 4 islands offers a picturesque lighthouse & undeveloped beaches for camping & swimming.

Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals Anclote Island

Anclote Lighthouse

16 miles Away
The Anclote Keys Light is a lighthouse built in 1887 on Anclote Key, the largest of the Anclote Keys.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals Anclote State Park

Anclote State Park

16 miles Away
The 403-acre Anclote Key Preserve State Park is accessible only by private boat.
Port Hudson Marina - Boat rentals Middle Grounds Shipwreck

Middle Grounds Shipwreck

70 miles Away
The Florida “Middle grounds shipwreck” is a popular scuba diving and fishing location.